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Who We Are

Based in the small village of Little Waldingfield near Sudbury in Suffolk, S B Electrical has been helping customers in and around the Sudbury area with new electrical projects and fault finding in their existing electrical installations. S B Electrical is a Part “P” approved domestic installer offering a full electrical service, including House Rewires, Electrical Installations and Test and Inspection (EICR) to domestic clients in Sudbury and surrounding areas.

Being part of a government approved Part “P” building regulations scheme you can be sure you are employing a reliable and trustworthy establishment to make improvements and repairs to your property.

As well as providing an efficient and cost effective service, all our work is covered by an insurance backed guarantee ensuring complete customer peace of mind. We have no call out charge, even for emergencies, and provide free estimates on all types of electrical work, large or small.

S B Electrical is fully qualified to guarantee work of the highest possible quality, right on budget and on time, so contact us today to arrange a survey and a free estimate on your project, and see for yourself why we believe our service is the best around.

Our Services

House Rewires

How much does it cost
to rewire a house?
This depends on the size of the
property, its location in Suffolk
and what work exactly needs
completing, contact us for a site
inspection and free estimate.
What is involved?
We will replace all of your existing
sockets, light pendants, cabling
and consumer unit, however each
installation does vary. During the
site survey we will let you know
exactly what will need replacing.


Do we undertake small projects?

Yes we do. S B Electrical undertake

all jobs big and small from hanging

ceiling lighting to full rewires.

Always wanted power in that garage or shed?

S B Electrical can get power to your shed,

garage or workshop with all work

conforming to current IEE regulations.


Safety is of the utmost

Ensuring your electrical
installation is not defective in any
way could save you money and
more importantly, your life.

Can we fix it?

From blown fuses to replacement
extractor fans or faulty sockets S B
Electrical will ensure your
electrical installation is safe.

Consumer Unit

The Consumer Unit.
The Consumer Unit (Fuse box) is the
engine of your electrical installation.
It protects all the circuits from
overloading the wiring and causing
major problems or even fire.
Modern Consumer Units.
Modern, more up to date fuse boxes
incorporate RCD’s and MCB’s which trip when
a circuit overloads. Older types of consumer units use
a piece of fuse wire between two
blades that needs replacing every
time you have a short circuit.

PAT Testing

Why Do A PAT Test?
The Electricity at Work regulations
require in Regulation 4(2) “As may
be necessary to prevent danger, all
systems shall be maintained so as
to prevent, so far as is reasonably
practicable, such danger”.
What Should Be Tested?
All electrical equipment in an
installation, whether permanently
connected or connected by a plug
and socket-outlet should be tested.

Periodic Inspection EICR

What is the purpose of an EICR?
(Electrical Installation Condition Report)
All electrical installations deteriorate with age and use
and should therefore be inspected and tested at regular
intervals to check whether they are in a satisfactory
condition. These safety checks are commonly referred to
as ‘Periodic Inspection and Testing’.
How often is a periodic inspection required?
Your electrics should be inspected and tested every:
10 years for an owner-occupied home.
5 years for a rented home.
3 years for a caravan
1 year for a swimming pool.

Helpful Free Advice

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