House Rewires

We are able to offer you a complete rewiring service for all types of domestic properties, this will also include advice on the specific type of installation you may require.

All cables, socket outlets and switches are subject to normal wear and tear, many electrical accessories deteriorate with years of use and misuse. The first signs often reveal themselves in catastrophic events. If your electrical wiring was installed a long time ago then it is likely that when it was designed originally, it did not consider the level of electrical equipment a normal household has these days! A rewire will ensure your home is capable to meet the demands of today’s appliances.

There are many signs to look out for that can indicate how old your current electrical system is, here are some examples to name but a few:-

* Wall mounted light switches in bathrooms.

* Round pin sockets and light switches, sockets mounted in skirting boards, black switches, braided flex cable.

* Cables coated in black rubber, cables coated in fabric or lead.

* Fuse box which has a wooden back or even a mixture of consumer units throughout the house.

If any of the above are present in your home, this most inevitably means that your current wiring system needs modernising. We are professional, efficient and we aim to minimize the disruption to your household whilst rewiring is being carried out.

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