Visual Checks

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Visual Checks

Simple checks can save your life

In the UK millions of people expose themselves and their family to potentially life threatening electrical accidents in their homes.  Simple mistakes, due to a lack of knowledge about the dangers of electricity, however there are a number of simple, visual checks, that you can do yourself:


  • Check that your fusebox has RCD protection.
  • Check to ensure sockets and plugs are not damaged.
  • Check that visible leads and cables are in good condition.
  • Check that downlighters are in a good condition and that light fittings are not damaged.
  • Check that the area around you electrical intake, electricity meter and fuse board are free of combustible materials. 
  • Check to ensure the top of your microwave is not being used for extra storage.
  • Check that cables are not trailing under rugs or carpets.
  • Never take mains powered electrical items into the bathroom.
  • Check that all electrical items not in use are switched off.